• Up to 99.7% effective in reducing rate of corrosion
  • Patented pulse-wave is powerful,yet safe.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative


Proven - effective corrosion control technology.......... and easy to install.

Proven technology

for today's corrosion.

The Defender Plus module is proven to reduce the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal by up to 99.7%. It emits a low power, pulse-wave, radio-frequency signal across all sheet metal surfaces of the vehicle. It protects against rust perforation that starts from the inside-out or the outside-in, even if it's caused by stone chips or scratches. The module's electromagnetic pulse-wave is effective in fighting rust, yet completely harmless to both the vehicle and its passengers.






Product Specifications

Final Coat / Defender Plus technology has been the leader in rust protection, since introducing its electromagnetic corrosion protection technology in 1998. This superior corrosion protection is now available in three different module systems.

The Scientists

Since the R&D Laboratory was opened in 2007, Final Coat, the parent product of the Defender Plus,  has invested millions to create what has been described as “a unique facility with no peer anywhere in the world,”  said Dr. Digby Macdonald, formerly Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Director for Electrochemical Science and Technology at Pennsylvania State University.

Shop and Purchase

If you're ready to join thousands of other  satisfied  customers who have experienced first hand the value and benefits of the Defender Plus electromagnetic corrosion control.....check out the three modules that share one technology.    We are confident, you'll be glad you did.

History of rust prevention.

Rust prevention has gradually evolved over the past 40 years. In the 1970s, technicians would drill holes into individual body panels to spray oil-based chemicals. In 1983, Canadian Auto Preservation pioneered the ‘no-holes-drilled’ process that did not compromise the integrity of the vehicle body.

Next came the adaptation of a 100-year-old technology called Cathodic Protection to the automotive industry. While cathodic theory is sound, its application to automobiles was flawed due to the absence of an electrolyte. As a result, many cathodic rust protection devices were pulled from the market by government bodies, including the FTC in the USA and the Federal Competition Bureau in Canada.

In the past 15 years, a patented technology called Electromagnetic Protection has emerged that works in the alternating current (or AC) realm, unlike the DC realm used in Cathodic Protection. It emits a low power, low amperage radio frequency (RF) signal that produces a surface current covering the entire vehicle’s sheet metal surfaces, both inside and out. It is a much more effective and greener alternative to traditional spray methods. Having proven its efficacy to government through continuous testing, research and fieldwork, this technology has become the preferred rust protection system among proud vehicle owners and new car dealers worldwide.


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