Tested & Proven Effective Up to 10 Year Perforation Warranty.

Contrary to the uninformed, electronic rust control is a proven science. For over half a century an electrical method known as cathodic protection has effectively controlled corrosion on underwater steel bridge supports and underground pipelines. This method incorporates a technique known as capacitive coupling which uses the water or soil as a conductive medium. However, in the absense of a suitable conduit (such as water or soil), this technology falls short of providing round-the-clock corrosion protection to your vehicle. Therefore, another type of electronic rust control technology was developed known as impressed current technology which uses sacrificial anodes as an alternate way of controlling rust. Unfortutnately, both of these technologies still fall short of providing round-the-clock rust control in all environmental conditions.

Hence, the introduction of the patented Defender Plus Rust Control Module which is unlike any other on the market today. Using singular, alternating current technology known as "EICCT" or Electromagnetic Induction Corrosion Control Technology, it is proven to be up to 99.7% effective in reducing corrosion, during independent, rigorously controlled scientific experiments conducted by leading scientists from world class laboratories.

But don't take our word for it, read the facts from the experts and you decide.