• Up to 99.7% effective in reducing rate of corrosion
  • Patented pulse-wave is powerful,yet safe.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative


Proven - effective corrosion control technology.......... and easy to install.



Corrosion Control Modules

Three proven modules - one technology

Battery Powered Electromagnetic Corrosion Module

Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Corrosion Module

For These Vehicles:




Mini Vans

Pick-Up Trucks

Portable corrosion control suitable for virtually all applications


This simple 3-wire hook up defender-plus module is designed to easily hook up to your vehicle’s battery to protect the grounded body panels of your vehicle from corrosion.


• Tested & proven by world class labs

• Easy to install

• Environmentally friendly


The same Defender-Plus technology now uses it's own battery power, rather than your vehicle's. This unique module will allow you to effectively protect those vehicles that don't have their own battery source.


 • Great on boat trailers, utility vehicles, horse trailers

 • Can still be used on automobiles

 • Environmentally friendly

Get more power for your heavy duty vehicle. This Defender-Plus module uses a 4-wire hook up to effectively protect your rig or large vehicle from corrosion damage all year round.

Automotive Electromagnetic Corrosion Module

(Batteries not included)

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks

Emergency Vehicles



Commercial Vans

It's like no other


The Defender Plus patented Electromagnetic Induction Corrosion Control Technology is a state-of-the-art solution that extends the life of any vehicle. It reduces the rate of corrosion on galvanized and galvannealed steel by up to a factor of 100 on automotive sheet metal panels, (i.e. it will take up to 100 times longer to create the same amount of rust with EICCT than it would without it.)

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Contrary to the uninformed, electronic rust control is a proven science. For over half a century an electrical method known as cathodic protection has effectively controlled corrosion on underwater steel bridge supports and underground pipelines. This method incorporates a technique known as capacitive coupling which uses the water or soil as a conductive medium. However, in the absense of a suitable conduit (such as water or soil), this technology falls short of providing round-the-clock corrosion protection to your vehicle. Therefore, another type of electronic rust control technology was developed known as impressed current technology which uses sacrificial anodes as an alternate way of controlling rust. Unfortutnately, both of these technologies still fall short of providing round-the-clock rust control in all environmental conditions.


Hence, the introduction of the patented Defender Plus Rust Control Module which is unlike any other on the market today. Using singular, alternating current technology known as "EICCT" or Electromagnetic Induction Corrosion Control Technology,  It emits a low power, low amperage radio frequency (RF) signal that produces a surface current covering the vehicle's sheet metal surfaces, both inside and out. It is a much more effective and greener alternative to traditional spray methods. Having proven its efficacy to government through continuous testing and fieldwork, this technology has become the preferred rust protection system among progressive new car dealersit is proven to be up to 99.7% effective in reducing corrosion, during independent, rigorously controlled scientific experiments conducted by leading scientists from world class laboratories.


But don't take our word for it, view the video below from a world renowned corrosion expert and you decide.

Short 3 minute interview with Dr. Digby McDonald Phd, Department of Material Sciences and Engineeering

One of the worlds leading corrosion experts.   FINAL COAT IS THE OEM PARENT PRODUCT OF DEFENDER PLUS (sharing the same patents and technology


)NOTE:  You can view the video in full screen by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of the video



Get started protecting your car....with the added bonus of protecting the environment.



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Portable Module

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Heavy Duty Module

An active member of the industry, Jessica delivers quality design to every project she touches.

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Defender Plus Module - Product Selection


Standard Module

For cars, SUV's, Mini Van's, pickups; This simple 3-wire hook up defender-plus module is designed to easily hook up to your vehicle’s battery to protect the grounded body panels of your vehicle from corrosion.

Defender Plus - 99.7% effective in corrosion protection